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Finergy Five - 5 Tools To Help your Bookkeeping

Good Day!

I'm happy to be back again with another Finergy Five post! Bookkeeping can be overwhelming. It is a lot to manage and having a good process in place is crucial to making your life easier. Today I’m going to talk about a few tools that can help make the day to day maintenance a little easier. Here are Five Tools I use on a regular basis when doing the books:

  1. Quickbooks or other accounting software – There are a lot of great tools out there that will help you maintain your books. I use Quickbooks Online and really like it. I am able to track my billables, receivable, and payable all in one spot. I can even get a quick view of how my is doing.

  1. Excel -I love to use Excel for research, tracking, analysis and planning.Excel has a ton of function you can use to keep your business on track. In a couple of I’ll share with you some of my favorite Excel formulas. Even with a very basic understanding of it can still be useful.

  1. Different Color Pens -going old school this one. As much as we try to go paperless in this world, there are always times where you need to write something down. I always like to have a bIack, red and green pen handy. I use the black for everyday writing. The red and green I use to jot down notes, comments or to mark something received. I like to use the additional so that those additional out at me.

  1. Folders – Whether you store your backup on your computer or you keep paper copies having an organized filing system is key. Create a system and then stick with it. As you go, you may find ways to improve your system, make those updates as needed. If you change something , you may want to ensure you move all related files to the new way. You will thank yourself down the road for implementing a filing when you can easily find some paperwork you need.

  1. Calculator – I know, I know, what you are thinking, Jessica, why do I need a calculator I have Quickbooks and Excel? Well, here is my answer. Sometimes you just want to do your calculations on a calculator. Call it the nerd in me or maybe I have been in finance too long., but there are times I just want to use a calculator, and so I always have one near by . A real calculator, not the one in my cellphone.

And there you have it Five Tools that can help you with your bookkeeping. I hope you find this helpful. What tools do you use to help you complete your bookkeeping? Let us know!

See you Next Week!

*We hope you enjoyed our blog. Please note that the intent of this blog is to provide general information and should not be construed as financial, financial tax, accounting, legal, consulting or any other type of advice regarding any specific facts and circumstances, nor should they be construed as advertisements for financial services.

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